WEDNESDAY: Stanley Nelson, Chris Guillebeau, Sally Nungesser, Robert Dafford, Philip Gould

Hour 1:

Stanley Nelson is our first guest today. He's the Editor of the Concordia Sentinel on this the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Frank Morris killing in Ferriday, Louisiana. Morris was burned alive and the case was never solved.

Nelson is part of "The Civil Rights Cold Case Project."

Writer Chris Guillebeau on his book "The Happiness of Pursuit" -- Chris has visited every country in the world.

Hour 2:

Sally Nungesser chats about the future of the Republican Party in Louisiana.

Lafayette Attorney Jim Roy, who's been heavily involved in the litigation against BP, chats on the Supereme Court rejecting the oil giant's challenge to Gulf spill settlement Monday.

Muralist Robert Dafford & Photographer Philip Gould