Thursday: The Final Day of the Louisiana Legislative Session, Rejected Resolution to Release Albert Woodfox, Cigarette Tax, and Louisiana Road Taxes


Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard is the Capitol Bureau Chief of the Advocate.  Ballard discusses the close of the session, specifically the SAVE plan debate and the cigarette tax.  

Dan Mobley

Dan Mobley is a board member for Good Roads.  He is also the Executive Director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Louisiana.  He comments on the true cost of driving on Louisiana roads and the road tax.  

Governor Q&A: David Vitter, John Bel Edwards, Scott Angelle, and Jay Dardenne

Each of the Gubernatorial candidates give their response to the following question.  "If elected as governor, how would you address the state's 1.2-billion dollar backing in transportation projects?"  Click here to listen to the full responses.   


Don Cazayoux

Don Cazayoux is a former U.S. Attorney, congressman and state representative.  He currently is an attorney at Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm.  Cazayoux will give his insight on the end of the session and how this will affect Governor Jindal and his attempt for the presidency.  

Wednesday: The Closing of the Louisiana Legislative Session and Remembering Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi


Robert Travis Scott

Robert Travis Scott is President of the Louisiana Public Affairs Research Council.  He discusses the close of the legislative session.  Scott also remembers the late Journalist Ed Anderson and Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi who put away Charles Manson.  

Scott also shares his opinion on the SAVE program and how this will impact Governor Jindal's potential run for president. 


Edward Ted James

State Representative Ted James gives an update on the close of the Louisiana Legislative Session.  He comments on the SAVE plan and reports that it is "dead in the House."  

Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecutor of serial killer Charles Manson.  He passed away this Saturday at 80 years old.  Jim remembers Bugliosi with a past interview about the Charles Manson case and his career.  

Gus Weill 

Gus Weill is a political consultant and author.  He shares his insight on the alleged sexual abuse scandal surrounding Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.  Weill expresses strongly that Hastert will be convicted of something.  

Tuesday: Prosecutor Tony Clayton and Political Consultant C. B. Forgotston


Tony Clayton

Tony Clayton is a prosecuting attorney at the firm Clayton, Fruge, and Ward Law.  He is most notably known for his prosecution of serial killer Derrick Todd Lee.  Clayton announced today he will not be running for governor.  


C. B. Forgotston 

C. B. Forgotston is a notable political consultant.  He comments on the closing weeks of the Louisiana legislative session and also discusses the governor's election.  

Monday: Investigative Reporter Dan Moldea, Forgery, BP Deadline on Claims for Deepwater Horizon Disaster, and Prosecutor Tony Clayton



Noah Charney is an author and art historian.  He shares the mechanics behind the lucrative black market of art forgery.  

Dan Moldea

Dan Moldea is an investigative reporter.  He discusses Louisiana political scandals and recalls major stories he has covered throughout his career.  


Ameen walker

Ameen Walker is the President of First Financial.  He comments on the BP deadline for claims regarding the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.  

Albert Samuels

Albert Samuels is a Political Science professor at Southern University.  He discusses the likelihood of Prosecutor Tony Clayton entering into the Governor's election.  

Friday: Southern University Leadership Conference, Recycling Toilet Water, Baseball Super Regionals, Bobby Jindal, and Louisiana Legislative Session


James Joseph

James Joseph is a former South African ambassador.  He comments on a leadership conference with two Southern University professors. 

George Tchobanoglous

George Tchobanoglous is an expert in water reuse and a professor emeritus at the University of California.  He comments on droughts and the how the water shortage will affect everything. 

James Moran

James Moran is the Associate Editor at Tiger Rag Magazine.  He is covering the LSU v. ULL SuperRegional Baseball Game at ULL.  


Scott Wilfong and Dayne Sherman

Dayne Sherman

Dayne Sherman

Scott Wilfong

Scott Wilfong

From the left, Dayne Sherman is a professor at Southeaster University as well as an author.  From the right, Scott Wilfong is seasoned political consultant.  They debate the rumors surrounding Governor Jindal's announcement to run for president, the louisiana legislative bill SAVE, Caitlyn Jenner, and Prosecutor Tony Clayton running for governor.  

THursday: Smiley Anders and The Advocate, Gubernatorial Candidates and Medicaid, Mixed Race Relationships and Civil RIghts, and Caitlyn Jenner


Smiley Anders

Smiley Anders is a columnist for The Advocate.  Today, his column celebrates its 36th anniversary, and he joins the show to share his experience with Jim.  

Gubernatorial Candidates

Gubernatorial candidates John Bel Edwards, David Vitter, Scott Angelle, and Jay Dardenne deliver their 90 second statement on Medicaid.  


Kathy Andre-Eames and cleve bailey

Author Kathy Andre-Eames shares her biography of she and her late husband's love story and the trials they faced as a mixed race couple in the South.  Filmmaker Cleve Bailey joins us to discuss the potential film in the works about the Eames' love and life.  

Gus Weill

Author and political consultant Gus Weill comments on the 16th anniversary of the death of Governor McKeithen.  He also shares his opinion on Caitlyn Jenner and the Vanity Fair cover.