Wednesday: The Closing of the Louisiana Legislative Session and Remembering Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi


Robert Travis Scott

Robert Travis Scott is President of the Louisiana Public Affairs Research Council.  He discusses the close of the legislative session.  Scott also remembers the late Journalist Ed Anderson and Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi who put away Charles Manson.  

Scott also shares his opinion on the SAVE program and how this will impact Governor Jindal's potential run for president. 


Edward Ted James

State Representative Ted James gives an update on the close of the Louisiana Legislative Session.  He comments on the SAVE plan and reports that it is "dead in the House."  

Vincent Bugliosi was the prosecutor of serial killer Charles Manson.  He passed away this Saturday at 80 years old.  Jim remembers Bugliosi with a past interview about the Charles Manson case and his career.  

Gus Weill 

Gus Weill is a political consultant and author.  He shares his insight on the alleged sexual abuse scandal surrounding Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.  Weill expresses strongly that Hastert will be convicted of something.