9/07 Thursday: Geoffrey Mount Varner, Mark Ballard, Glenn Guilbeau, Darrell Glasper

Hour 1:

Geoffrey Mount Varner

Author of Home Alive: 11 Must Rules for Surviving Encounters with the Police, Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, discusses his latest book with Jim.

"Are you tired of the news reports of police killings? Do you worry if your son or loved one is next? Are you concerned if your child or loved one knows what to say or how to respond to the police? Home Alive will ease your worries. It is an absolute URGENT READ. Dr. Mount Varner, a Harvard graduate, board-certified emergency medicine physician and father uses real emergency department stories, experiences, data and interviews to share 11 MUST researched strategies that will save your life. This is not a police bashing book. Home Alive and the 11 strategies presented immediately starts to save lives now once read."- Amazon

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard.jpg

Mark Ballard of the Advocate comments on Thibodaux Rep. Dee Richard's gambling addiction. Richard allegedly used campaign funds to feed his gambling habit and claims it is due to a medication he takes to treat his Parkinson's Disease. 

Hour 2:

Glenn Guilbeau & Darrell Glasper


Former Baton Rouge Metrocouncilman Darrell Glasper and sports writer for Gannett Glenn Guilbeau join the conversation to comment on race relations in sports. The pair also discuss if race makes someone a better athelete.