09/18: Heather Kleinpeter, Keith Dixon, Melissa Flournoy, Fred Simonson

Hour One

Heather Kleinpeter and Keith Dixon


Keith Dixon and Heather Kleinpeter from the Louisiana Arts & Science Museum (LASM), were in studio to talk more about the LASM Gala. This the 32nd annual gala and will be held on Friday September 22 from 7: 30pm - 10:00pm.

Melissa Flournoy

Melissa Flournoy joined the conversation surrounding Mike Yenni and his sex scandal involving a high school teenage boy. She also discussed Sen. John Kennedy and more happening in Louisiana politics. 

Hour Two

Fred Simonson



Louie's Cafe general manager Fred Simonson was here to talk about the murder of Donald Smart, a dishwasher at Louie's for 20 years. Smart was murdered on Alaska St. by LSU. Police speculate that the murder of Donald Smart and another Black man, might be racially motivated.