09/01 Friday: Eric Lane, Robert Fenet, Melissa Keaster, Butch Browning, Desiree Myers Lemoine

Hour One

Eric Lane

Eric Lane is President of Gerry Lane Enterprises; he joined our guest host Leo Honeycutt to warn listeners about people selling refurbished cars that had been damaged in the flood. Customers could be scammed into buying cars that are no good.

Robert Fenet

Attorney Robert Fenet joined Leo Honeycutt to speak more of the development of Port Cameron. He is originally a native of Lake Charles and studied law at Notre Dame Law School. 

Melissa Keaster


Author Melissa Keaster talked about her new book Eleora and gave insight into the writing process and where the idea from the book came from. 


Hour Two

Butch Browning


Louisiana Fire Marshall Butch Browning spoke on the effort to help Port Arthur in Texas recover after intense flooding. 


Desiree Myers Lemoine


Desiree Myers Lemoine from LA Red Cross was in studio to talk about the relief effort and support provided by Red Cross. She provides details on how and where to donate for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.