08/09 Wednesday: Brad Kolowich Jr., Dr. Robert Davis, Bill Curl, Dr. Lonnie Luce, Elbert Guillory, Mike Shepard

Hour One

Brad Kolowich Jr. and Dr. Robert Davis


Certified personal trainer Brad Kolowich and Rrobert Davis, Ph. D talked about their book Fitter,Faster. The book shows you how getting in shape requires less time and effort than you may think. 

Bill Curl

Bill Curl was a guest in the first hour to speak on the 42nd anniversary of the Louisiana Superdome. The Superdome opened on August 9, 1975. Curl is the former Public Relations director of the Superdome, a position he held for 33 years.

Dr. Lonnie Luce

Dr. Lonnie Luce is the superintendent of University View Academy; UVA is an online school and he talked more about the school on air.


Hour Two

Elbert Guillory

Senator Elbert Guillory called in to comment on what he thinks America should do about North Korea.

William Shepard

Mike Shepard is the President of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. He is talked about the the recent death of Glen Campbell and the upcoming anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.