08/30 Wednesday: Dr. Shelley Uram, Fairleigh Cook Jackson, Phoebe Ferguson, Sally Stiel, Jim Donelon

Hour One

Dr. Shelley Uram



The first guest was Dr. Shelley Uram and she is the author of Essential Living: A Guide to Having Happiness and Peace by Reclaiming Your Essential Self. The topic she discussed was: How to stay sane in an insane world. 

Farleigh Cook Jackson and Phoebe Ferguson


Farleigh Cook Jackson from Preserve Louisiana and Phoebe Ferguson will talk about the Plessy and Ferguson Foundation. Phoebe Ferguson is a descendent of Judge John Ferguson from Plessy v. Ferguson, who ruled in the case. 

Hour Two

Sally Stiel


Sally Stiel is a member of the LSU Alumni Association. Stiel talked more about Saturday's game being moved to the Superdome in New Orleans. Stiel is senior director of alumni engagement and marketing.

Jim Donelon



Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon talked about the importance of having flood insurance following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.