08/25 Friday: Jim Hock, Adam St. Pierre, Stephanie Phares, George Sells

Hour One

Jim Hock


Jim Hock talked about his book Hollywood's Team: Grit, Glamour, and the 1950's Los Angeles Rams. Hock is the son of late Los Angeles Rams offensive lineman John Hock. Jim has also served as chief of staff to the US Secretary of Commerce and was a founder of a communications firm.

Adam St. Pierre



Adam St.Pierre is from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. The Library will be hosting a Game Of Thrones extravaganza tonight. The finale of the show will premiere this Sunday on August 27th. 

Stephanie Phares


Stephanie Phares has been the owner of Zeeland Street Market for 25 years. She brought her two daughters Kirby and Kelsey and talked about her business and family. 

Hour Two:

George Sells



Former WAFB anchorman George Sells was in studio to comment on Hurricane Harvey, the eclipse and more.