08/23 Wednesday: Janice Dean, Gus Weill, Leo Chastant, Darrell Glasper, Lamar White,

Hour One

Janice Dean


Meteorologist and Fox News Channel's Janice Dean talked more about the eclipse that took place on Monday. Her nickname is, "Janice Dean, the Weather Machine" coined by Fox News anchorman Shepard Smith. 

Gus Weill


Former PR Specialist Gus Weill joined the conversation surrounding the 31st week of President Trump being in office. Weill is also a writer and originally and Lafayette.

Leo Chastant


Lee Chastant is the CEO of the new West Feliciana Hospital to open in one week. Chastant talked more about the 53,000 sq. ft. medical facility that was built in St. Francisville and will be available to the public on August 30th.

Hour Two

Darrell Glasper and Lamar White


Lamar White and Darrell Glasper debated from opposite ends of the political spectrum about Donald Trump's presidency thus far. White is from the left and Glasper is from the right.