08/21 Monday: Richard Fontanesi, Geoffrey Stone, Robin Ganzert, Roger Villere

Hour One

Richard Fontanesi


Richard Fontanesi briefly discussed the solar eclipse that took place today. Fontanesi traveled to Kentucky to view the eclipse and see it in its totality. 


Geoffrey Stone


Geoffrey Stone commented on the op-ed piece he wrote defending Richard Spencer's First Amendment right to speak at Auburn University. Richard Spencer is a white supremacist and one of the leading voices of the alt-right.


Robin Ganzert

Robin Ganzert was the third guest; she is the president of American Humane. American Humane helps to protect animals and children from abuse and harm. One year after the flooding there will be a giant gift of hope to arrive for Louisiana Animals.

Hour Two

Roger Villere



Roger Villere is the Chairman for the Louisiana Republican Party and an businessman from Metairie. He talked about the status of the Republican Party in Louisiana and commented on events happening in the world today.