07/07 Friday: Gabrielle Stone, Dr. David Palma, John B. Camp

Hour One

Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle Stone is an actress born and raised in Los Angeles; she  is the daughter of actor Christopher Stone and actress Dee Wallace. She is the recipient of  two Best Actress Awards in Best Film Short for  "It Happened Again Last Night" and was on the show to discuss her career. 

Dr. David Palma

Dr. David Palma is a radiation oncologist and cancer researcher and focuses on the treatment of lung, head and neck, and metastatic cancers. He is the author of Taking Charge of Cancer: What You Need to Know to Get the Best Treatment. 

Hour Two

John B. Camp


John B. Camp will discuss  long career in journalism and his rise to prominence as Senior Investigative Correspondent for CNN. He is responsible for exposing the misconduct of Governors, Congressmen and many others during the span of his long career.