07/28 Friday: Guest Host: Leo Honeycutt, Paul Mainieri, Skip Bertman, Nick Saban, Bob Fenet, Caroline Kennedy, Sam Hanna and Gov. Edwin Edwards

Hour One

Paul Mainieri

Paul Mainieri is the head coach for the LSU Tigers baseball team. Prior to that, he was the head coach of Notre Dame's baseball team. Mainieri talked about his career and experience playing for LSU for one year, back in the 70s

Skip Bertman and Nick Saban 

Guest Leo Honeycutt interviewed former LSU head coach Skip Bertman and Nick Saban, head football coach at the University of Alabama. 

Bob Fenet 


Bob Fenet is an attorney here in Baton Rouge. He chatted with Leo about the development of the up and coming Port Cameron. 

Hour Two


Caroline Kennedy


Caroline Kennedy is the former and the last secretary for actress Bette Davis. Kennedy discussed her experience working with the actress up until the end of her life. 


Sam Hanna

How do you fix congress? Is it fixable? How does that effect us? Sam Hanna came on air with guest host Leo Honeycutt to answer these question. Hanna is a political writer and comes from a long line of political writers in the state.


Gov. Edwin Edwards

The former governor of Louisiana took the time to discuss the polarization in politics. Edwards was the 50th governor of Louisiana for 4 terms in the 70s, 80s and 90s.