06/05 Monday: Collis Temple, Skip Bertman, Steve Carter, Ken Carter, Jim Brown

Hour 1:

Collis Temple

Former professional basketball player and the first African American to play varsity basketball at LSU, Collis Temple, joins guest host Leo Honeycutt in studio to discuss race relations in Baton Rouge and around the state. 

Skip Bertman

Former LSU baseball coach and athletic director, Skip Bertman, chats with Leo about the Tiger's and the College World Series. Leo and Skip also comment on the book, Skip Bertman: How to Win Again and Again, written by Leo. 

Hour 2:

Steve Carter

Baton Rouge Representative Steve Carter joins the conversation to comment on his measure to increase the state's gasoline tax and the bill's failure to pass in the legislature. 

Ken Carter

Carter chats with Leo about the purchasing of The Bluffs Golf Resort in St. Francisville. Carter hopes to attract PGA Golf back to one of Arnold Palmer's finest courses. 

Jim Brown

Former Secretary of State Jim Brown joins Leo in studio to discuss the election system in Louisiana. Brown comments on how to get the system away from being so heavily influenced by monied interests.