6/27 Tuesday: Andrea Lieberstein, Michael Adams, Robyn Lott, Cheryl Michelet

Hour One

Andrea Lieberstein

Andrea Lieberstein is a world-renowned teacher, trainer and coach; she was here talk about her first book, Well Nourished. Lieberstein is a registered dietitian nutritionist and her book teaches audiences how to have a better relationship with food in their lives. 

John Cooksey

Former congressman and doctor John Cooksey was here to comment on and join the ongoig conversation about healthcare and its future. 

Michael Adams 

Michael Adams, the attorney for the family of Alton Sterling, was on the show to comment about the wrongful death suit that the family has filed against the city. Michael is an attorney in Baton Rouge at De Cuir Clark & Adams LLP. 


Hour Two

Robyn Lott and Cheryl Michelet


Robyn Lott and Cheryl Michelet were on the air as representatives for the Baton Rouge Zoo. The BR Zoo is considering relocating from its current spot, where it has been for years.