O6/22 Thursday: Bud Johnson, Jay Connaughton, Mark Ballard and Tom Aswell

Hour One

Bud Johnson


The former LSU Sports Information Director Bud Johnson, was here to help Jim remember Pete "Pistol Pete" Maravich. Today, June 22, 2017 would have Pistol Pete's 70th birthday. Johnson witnessed the era of Pistol Pete while he was playing for LSU.

Jay Connaughton 

Political consultant for Donald Trump, Jay Connaughton, commented on the President's healthcare plan and GOP wins in the Georgia and South Carolina congressional races this week.

Hour Two

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard of The Advocate was on air covering the LSU Board of Supervisors meeting today.

Tom Aswell


Tom Aswell of the Louisiana Voice was on the show commenting on the secrecy behind the negotiants for the healthcare bill that the U.S. Senate is deliberating.