06/12 Monday: Louise Nayer, Gus Weill, D’Seante Parks

Hour 1:

Louise Nayer

Author of Poised for Retirement: Moving from Anxiety to Zen chats with Jim about her latest book. 

"A unique narrative on a unique time offering solace to people nearing retirement. Poised for Retirement is not your parents’ retirement guide, nor is it a financial planning guide; rather, it’s the relatable story of an ordinary working woman reflecting on her life and career."- Amazon

Gus Weill

Former PR consultant Gus Weill chats with Jim about former FBI director James Comey and comments on President Trump's travel ban and a lawsuit against the president. 

Hour 2:

D’Seante Parks

Director of Public Affairs for the Louisiana Democratic Party, D’Seante Parks, visits Jim in studio to discuss the future of the Democratic party in Louisiana.