05/25 Thursday: Dale Brown, Mark Ballard, Donna Collins Lewis

Hour One

Dale Brown 


Dale Brown is an accomplished writer and New York Times Bestselling author. You may know him as the author of Iron Wolf, but today he was here to talk about he newest work, Price of Duty. At least 13 of Brown's books have been New York Times Bestselling books. Brown attended Penn State and was involved in ROTC.

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard from the Advocate came on the air to comment on the recent session and give his take on other events happening in Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana.

Hour Two

Donna Collins Lewis


Donna Collins Lewis is an East Baton Rouge Metro councilwoman; she discusses Mayor Broome's request to have the officer who shot Alton Sterling, be dismissed from the force. She is Democratic representative for District 6 and was first elected to council in 2008.