05/19 Friday: Terry Burhans, Patrick Mulhearn, Robert Fenet and Gifford Briggs

Hour One

Terry Burhans


Terry Burhans is a former weatherman and joined our guest host Leo Honeycutt, to talk about his life, his connection to Leo and his performance that will be happening at Phil Brady's Bar & Grill. His performance takes place tonight- located on Government street. 

Patrick Mulhearn


Patrick Mulhearn is the executive director Celtic Studios and recently announced that he will be stepping down from his position, effective on June 30 of this year. While he still has his position, he joined Leo in-studio to give updates on the film industry in Louisiana. 

Hour 2:

Robert Fenet

Baton Rouge Attorney Robert Fenet with Leo Honeycutt; gave insight into economic development oil and gas and the development of Port Cameron. He is originally a native of Lake Charles and studied law at Notre Dame Law School. 

Gifford Briggs

Gifford Briggs oversees lobbying and governmental affairs for the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association; he also manages the social media, video production and website design for the LOGA.