04/20 Thursday: Chris Winter, MD, Mark Ballard, Joe Gagnon, Charlie Cook, Melissa de la Cruz and Rick Gallot

Hour One

Chris Winter, MD

Chris Winter, MD is a  sleep medicine doctor and certified neurologist in Charlottesville, VA. He came on air to discuss his new book about sleep titled, The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It.


Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard from The Advocate returns to give his insight on the feud between Governor John Bel Edwards and Congressman Garret Graves. He also discussed more about Louisiana budget. 


Joe Gagnon

High Performance Life Founder Joe Gagnon, discussed how he ran 6 consecutive marathons, in 6 different countries and all in just 6 days. He began his journey in Sydney then traveled to Singapore then Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and then lastly in Los Angeles. 

Hour Two

Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook is a poilitcal analyst who is originally from Shreveport; he mostly focuses on election forecasts and political trends. He writes a column for the National Journal called "The Cook Report" and he owns his own publication, The Cook Political Report.

Melissa de la Cruz


Author Melissa de la Cruz is New York Times best-selling author. She has authored a plethora of young adult novels and her latest book explores the romance between Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyle. The book is titled, Alex & Eliza.


Rick Gallot

The president of Grambling State University Rick Gallot treated the show to an interview today. He discussed what is happening these days at Grambling, like enrollment, sports and more.