03/06 Monday: Chance Wilson, Joe Gagnon, Jay Connaughton, Privacy with Arthur Miller


Chance Wilson

A 17-year-old entrepreneur, Chance Wilson started his own organization, Wilson Global Initiative, when he was 14.  WGI is a program dedicated to increasing the literacy rates around the world.  Wilson's organization is now located in 6 countries.

Joe Gagnon

Gagnon is a 56-year-old runner who will run 6 marathons in 6 days.  Gagnon joins the show to describe how he will prepare for runs and how important physical health is to mental health.


Jay Connaughton

 Innovative Advertising, led by Jay Connaughton, is credited for playing a major part in pushing Donald Trump to the White House. Connaughton was brought into the race by Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. Connaughton joins the show to talk about Trumps first 46 days in office.

Arthur Miller

Arthur R. Miller CBE is this nation’s leading scholar in the field of civil procedure and is co-author with the late Charles Wright of Federal Practice and Procedure, the legendary treatise in the field. Professors Miller and Wright are among the most-often cited and well regarded law treatise writers today. Their multi-volume series is an essential reference for judges and lawyers.