03/31 Friday: Rodney Walker, John Pojman, Shelby Prindaville, Troy Hebert and Lamar White

Hour One

Rodney Walker

Rodney Walker called-in to the show to discuss his journey of going from a child in foster care to graduating from Morehouse College and then on to Yale for graduate school. Rodney's story is very inspiring and he is now a sought after inspirational speaker. 

John Pojman and Shelby Prindaville

John Pojman is a LSU professor and Shelby Prindaville is the Art Program Director and Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Saint Mary in Kansas. They talked about a clay substance that Professor Pojman invented that Shelby decided to use for her art and in her classes for her students. 

Hour Two

Troy Hebert and blogger Lamar White discuss Donald Trump's first ten weeks. Troy Hebert represented the Republican Party and supported Trump while Lamar White was against Trump.