03/29 Wednesday: BR General Dr. Cole, President of PAR, Clean Sweep EBR, Darrell Glasper & Reginald Pitcher


Dr. Kenny Cole

Dr. Kenneth Cole is the chief transformation officer at Baton Rouge General Medical Center. Cole joins the show to talk about the Affordable Care Act and the future of healthcare and insurance under President Trump.

Robert Travis Scott

Governor John Bel Edwards laid out his plan today for a new tax structure in Louisiana. President of PAR, Robert Travis Scott, describes the governor's plan and calls for better outcomes for individuals over businesses.

Rowdy Gaudet

Mayor-president Sharon Weston Broome, along with Keep Baton Rouge Beautiful and the Great American Cleanup, is hosting the first ever Mayor Broome's Clean Sweep EBR parish-wide cleanup event on Saturday, April 1. Her Chief Administrator Officer joins the show to give listeners more information about the Great Cleanup.


Darrell Glasper & Rev. Reginald Pitcher

Republican Darrell Glasper and Rev. Reginald Pitcher join the show to talk about President Donald Trump and discuss whether he has ties with Russia.