03/22 Wednesday: Col. Eric Crider, LSU Research on Coastal land loss, Rep Steve Carter, Leadercast w/ The Day Group, Elbert Guillory


Col. Eric Crider

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Eric Crider from the United States (U.S.) Army War College joins the show to talk about the benefits and life associated with the war college.  Col. Crider describes his family history with serving the country. Crider is joined by Attorney Skip Phillips.

Stephen Barnes & Steve Cochran

The Bayou State could lose $3.6 billion in homes, businesses, and infrastructure over the next 50 years if Louisiana does not take action to stop the massive coastal land loss problem. That’s according to a study by the LSU Economics and Policy Research Group. Researcher Stephen Barnes says they studied the direct impact of land loss in different areas of the state.

Rep. Steve Carter

Republican State Representative Steve Carter joins the show to talk about budget funding. Carter explains the desperate need to spend money on roads for easier transportation and commerce.


David Day

Owner of The Day Group media agency in Baton Rouge, joins the show to talk about Leadercast in Baton Rouge on May 5th.  Speakers include guest Tyler Perry and others. Those who wish to sign up for this event can visit, www.leadercastbr.com. 

Elbert Guillory

Former state lawmaker Elbert Guillory has been chosen by the Louisiana Republican Party to lead an outreach effort to bring more minorities to the GOP. Guillory became the first black Republican state senator in 2013 when he switched from the Democratic Party. He says his hope is to convince African-American voters the Republican Party has their interest in mind.