03/16 Thursday: Colonel David Hunt, Mark Ballard, Felicia Leggio Braud, Lamar White, Vincent Bruno

Hour One

Colonel David Hunt

Colonel David Hunt called the Jim Engster Show to discuss his new book, Without Mercy. Colonel  Hunt has over 29 years of experience in the military. He has lectured for the FBIA (Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy) and for the CIA. 

Mark Ballard 


Mark Ballard joins Jim to give updates, talk about Mike Edmondson's retirement and more things happening in Louisiana. 

Felicia Leggio Braud

Felicia Leggio Braud is the Baton Rouge Regional Director of Louisiana Parents for Vaccine Rights (LAPVR). Braud joined the show to discuss her opposition towards vaccinations and how they could be harmful to children. 

Hour Two

Lamar White and Vincent Bruno




Blogger Lamar White (pictured) and former New Orleans policeman, Vincent Bruno, gave their opinions on Trump, tax returns and more. White represents the left while Bruno is a Republican from the right.