03/14 Tuesday: Jason Turbow, Mary Jennings Hegar, Ian Birnie and Roger Villere

Hour One

Jason Turbow

Jason Turbow is a best-selling author and sports journalist; he discussed with Jim his latest book titled, Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic. The book focuses on the baseball team the Oakland Athletics and owner Charlie Finley. He discusses the players and the success of the team in the early 70s.

Mary Jennings "MJ" Hegar

Mary Jennings Hegar is an Air Force Veteran and a Purple Hear recipient. She earned the Distinguished Flying Cross during her time in the Air Force and is only the 6th women in history to receive one. She talked with Jim about her memoir. Shoot Like A Girl, available now. 

Ian Birnie

Ian Birnie is the Programming Director of the Louisiana International Film Festival (LIFF) and was the former film curator for LAMCA. Birnie held the position of LACMA's Film Department Director for 14 years. He discussed on the show some of the themes and movies of this year's festival.

Hour Two

Roger Villere



Roger Villere is the chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party and has been since 2004. He has been elected for six straight terms and is running for a seventh term. Villere is originally from New Orleans and now resides in Metairie, Jefferson Parish.