02/16 Thursday: Donny Most, Mark Ballard, Chris Broadwater, Sharon Hewitt, Elbert Guillory

Hour One

Donny Most


Actor and singer Donny Most joined the show to discuss his long career in the industry. He is best known for his role as Ralph Malph from the show Happy Days. Donny grew up Brooklyn and attended college but did not graduate after landing the part of Ralph. 

Mark Ballard

The Capitol Bureau Chief of The Advocate joined the show for updates within the state of Louisiana including: budgets, Troy Brown and more. 

Hour Two

Chris Broadwater

Broadwater is a Republican Louisiana State Representative for District 86. He is an attorney in Baton Rouge. He discussed the Louisiana budget on the air and made a brief comment on the Troy Brown situation. 

Sharon Hewitt

Rep. Hewitt is a Republican Louisiana State Representative and called the show breifly to make a comment on the resignation of Troy Brown. 

Elbert Guillory

Guillory is a former State Senator and a Republican, who represented District 24. He is a graduate of Southern University. He also served as a State Representative for District 40 from 2006 to 2009.