12/05 Tuesday: Barry Habib, Jay Grymes, Eric Anderson, Jay Dardenne, Loren Scott, Eric Lane

Hour 1:

Barry Habib


Founder and CEO of MBS Highway Barry Habib chats with guest host Leo Honeycutt about the stock market. He answers questions like how safe is your retirement account, are we in a stock market bubble, will the $2 trillion deficit keep feeding the market unreasonably?

Jay Grymes

Jay Grymes.jpg

WAFB Meterologist Jay Grymes comments on the cold front that's currently passing across Louisiana and what we can expect throughout the week. 

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson.jpg

Lt. Col. Eric Anderson, Retd US Air Force, CIA, comments on the threat of North Korea. He discusses if Russia and China will intervene or if they are supplying Kim Jung Un with nuclear technology. 

Hour 2: 

Jay Dardenne

Jay Dardenne.jpg

Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne chats with Leo about the upcoming budget crisis in the Bayou State and the fights facing the governor. 

Loren Scott

LSU Economist Loren Scott comments on his new report out about boom and bust areas in Louisiana. Baton Rouge and Lake Charles are on the up and up but Lafayette and Houma are suffering. 

Eric Lane

President of Gerry Lane Enterprises Eric Lane discusses if end of the year closeouts are the best time to buy cars. He also comments on getting the best value when trading in vehicles.