11/08 Wednesday: Robert Dallek, William Taylor, Darrell Glasper, Melissa Flournoy

Hour 1:

Robert Dallek

Robert Dallek.jpg

Author of Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life, Robert Dallek, discusses his latest book with Jim. 

"Dallek attributes FDR’s success to two remarkable political insights. First, unlike any other president, he understood that effectiveness in the American political system depended on building a national consensus and commanding stable long-term popular support. Second, he made the presidency the central, most influential institution in modern America’s political system."-Amazon

William Taylor

Saints historian William Taylor chats with Jim about Tom Dempsey's 63 yard field goal for the Saints to win the game against the Detroit Lions in 1970. 

Hour 2:

Darrell Glapser & Melissa Flournoy

Republican Darrell Glasper and Democrat Melissa Flournoy join the conversation on the one year annivarsary of Donald Trump being elected President of the United States.