11/21 Tuesday: Rick Shapiro, Leo Honeycutt, David Diamond, Tony Brown

Hour 1:

Rick Shapiro

Rick Shapiro.jpg

Author Rick Shapiro is today's first guest and he comments on his latest book, Hope Never Dies: How 20 Late-Stage and Terminal Cancer Patients Beat the Odds.

"Rick Shapiro brings profound, insightful, information-packed testimony of real hope, and news of life-saving, groundbreaking integrative and alternative treatments for cancer patients."- Amazon

Leo Honeycutt

Author and occasional guest host Leo Honeycutt chats with Jim about the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Charlie Rose. 

Hour 2:

David Diamond & Tony Brown

David Diamond.jpg

Republican Rev. David Diamond and Democratic KTTP Station Manager Tony Brown join the conversation in the second hour to chat about President Donald Trump and sexual harassment allegations coming to the surface involving Roy Moore, Al Franken and now Charlie Rose.