11/16 Thursday: Edwin W. Edwards, David Duke, Jennifer Crochet, Kevin Harris, Ryn Jones

Hour 1:

Edwin Edwards

Former Governor Edwin Edwards joins the conversation to chat about the 26th anniversary of winning the 1991 gubernatioral election against David Duke. 

David Duke

Self proclaimed white nationalist and former state representative David Duke chats with guest host Leo Honeycutt and comments on the 1991 governor's election. 

Hour 2:

Jennifer Crochet


Fitness trainer Jennifer Crochet discusses with Leo how to exercise properly as you age and how to keep the weight off during the holiday season.

Kevin Harris & Ryn Jones


Architect Kevin Harris and Ryn Jones with Remax chat with Leo for the remainder of the show about the challenges of flipping houses. The pair discuss how the process is harder than it looks and buyers should often beware.