10/09 Monday: Angelle Davis, Angie McArthur, E Eric Guirard, Lamar White

Hour 1:

Angelle Davis


Candidate for State Treasurer Angelle Davis joins Jim in studio to discuss her campaign for the election this Saturday, Oct. 14th. Davis was the Commissioner of Administration for former Governor Bobby Jindal. She also served as Tourism Secretary. 

Angie McArthur

"You know what it feels like to be “at odds” with someone. Sometimes it seems like you are speaking completely different languages. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Dawna Markova and communication expert Angie McArthur have spent years developing and implementing tools to help people find common ground. In Reconcilable Differences, they provide the strategies you need to bridge the gap at the heart of your differences with others."-Amazon

Hour 2:

E Eric Guirard & Lamar White

Lamar White.jpg

Baton Rouge Injury Attorney E Eric Guirard on the right and Blogger Lamar White on the left join the conversation to discuss President Trump and his performance in the office so far. They also talk about Vice President Mike Pence leaving an NFL football game early yesterday after players knelt during the national anthem.