10/05 Thursday: Daniel Hixon, Mark Ballard, Dianne Andrews, James Gilmore

Hour 1:

Daniel Hixon

Daniel Hixon.jpg

Daniel Hixon is a libertarian-leaning, moderately conservative, Masters' degree-holding gun owner who is 35 years old. Hixon and Jim chat about gun control and policies moving forward. He is not a member of the NRA or any such organization, but enjoys shooting his AR 15.

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard of the Advocate joins the conversation for his weekly input on what's going on in Louisiana politics. Ballard comments on the potential for new gun control policies. 

Hour 2:

Dr. James Gilmore & Dianne Andrews

Dianne Andrews.jpeg

President of the Bayard Management Group Dr. James Gilmore and Dianne Andrews of the Dianne Andrews Show join the conversation with Jim to comment on the topic of gun control after the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas. The pair also discusses the contoversey of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.