10/17 Tuesday: Deborah Copaken, John Camp, Mike Bertaut, Peter Finney Jr.

Hour 1:

Deborah Copaken

Author Deborah Copaken joins Jim as his first guest to chat about her latest work. 

"A wise, warm, and witty gift for new (and gently used) parents seeking to raise positive, thoughtful children, this alphabet book brims with the advice only those who've been there can give. From "D is for Dog" (get one) to "P is for Praise" (do it often but appropriately) to "R is for Romance" (keep it alive after the kids come), each mini essay is coupled with a smart, letter-appropriate full-color photograph in these delightfully grown-up ABCs."- Amazon

John Camp

John Camp.jpg

Journalist John Camp joins Jim and shifts the conversation to talk about an usual anniversary. Camp discusses 30 years ago when Jimmy Swaggart was caught by a fellow evangelist in the company of a hooker at a seedy rent by the hour motel in the New Orleans suburbs.

Hour 2:

Mike Bertaut 

Mike Bertaut is a healthcare economist from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Bertaut joins Jim in studio to discuss the small health care plan made in Congress with bi-partisan support. The plan would continue with cost sharing payments to health insurance providers. 

Peter Finney Jr. 

Peter Finney Jr.jpg

Peter Finney Jr. joins the conversation to discuss his late father, Peter Finney Sr. on what would be his 90th birthday. Finney Sr. was a well known Louisiana sportswriter.