01/04 Wednesday: Body Wise, Mike Shepherd, Restore Louisiana, Bob Mann


Dr. Rachel Abrams


Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams joins on the show to promote her book Body Wise. Dr. Abrams takes an Integrative approach that balances conventional medicine, wellness practices, and intuition to heal the body both physically and emotionally. Dr. Abrams talks with callers to discuss ways to help understand their bodies in the conditions they are in.

Mike Shepherd

The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame Executive Director, Mike Shepherd joins the show to talk about musical legends.  Shepherd mentions Elvis Presley, Chris Owens, Al Hirt, Johnny Rivers and John Fred. 


Pat Forbes

 Pat Forbes has been the Executive Director of the state Office of Community Development since July 2011. He talks about this Friday's meeting of the Restore Louisiana Task Force. Forbes discusses the state's recovery plans that will be voted on Friday in Livingston Parish and submitted to HUD.

Bob Mann


LSU Mass Communications Professor, Bob Mann, joins the show to talk about "Tricky Dick" Nixon.  Mann discusses the former president's sabotage of the peace treaty and why he feels Nixon was a  "shady, press-averse loser."