01/31 Tuesday: Peter Hook, Quin Hillyer, Melissa Flournoy and Elbert Guillory

Hour One

Peter Hook

Peter Hook is the co-founder and bassist for Rock groups Joy Division and New Order. The English rock ban Joy Division changed their name to New Order following the death of their lead singer in 1980. They are best known for their song Blue Monday. He discussed his new book Substance: Inside New Order on the show. 

Quin Hillyer

Quin Hillyer is a columnist and conservative and joined the show to talk a bout Trump's presidency and his picks for cabinet positions.

Hour Two

Melissa Flournoy and Elbert Guillory

Former lawmaker Marissa Flournoy and former Louisiana State Rep. Elbert Guilliory debated on opposite sides of Donald Trump. Guillory is a Republican and supporter of Trump and Flournoy is in opposition.