01/27 Friday: Void: The Strange Physics of Nothing, Frederick Clarkson, Ali Akbar, and Daniel Banguel

Hour 1:

James Weatherall 

Author James Weatherall chats with Jim about his latest book, Void: The Physics of Nothing

"James Owen Weatherall’s previous book, The Physics of Wall Street, was a New York Times best-seller and named one of Physics Today’s five most intriguing books of 2013. In his newest volume, he takes on a fundamental concept of modern physics: nothing. The physics of stuff—protons, neutrons, electrons, and even quarks and gluons—is at least somewhat familiar to most of us. But what about the physics of nothing? Isaac Newton thought of empty space as nothingness extended in all directions, a kind of theater in which physics could unfold. But both quantum theory and relativity tell us that Newton’s picture can’t be right. Nothing, it turns out, is an awful lot like something, with a structure and properties every bit as complex and mysterious as matter. In his signature lively prose, Weatherall explores the very nature of empty space—and solidifies his reputation as a science writer to watch." -Amazon

Frederick Clarkson

Journalist and public speaker, Frederick Clarkson, joins Jim to discuss religion and politics under a Trump presidency. Clarkson is the co-author of the group blog, Talk to Action, which addresses The Religious Right. 

Hour 2:

Ali Akbar & Daniel Banguel

Republican Ali Akbar and Democrat Daniel Banguel join Jim in studio to discuss a Trump presidency. The pair also chat about the election system and reforming elections. Banguel helped organize the protests in Baton Rouge following the Alton Sterling shooting.