01/25 Wednesday: Attending, True South, Larry Carter


Dr. Ronald Epstein

Ronald Epstein is a family physician, palliative care physician, writer, researcher and teacher of communication and mindful practice in medicine. He joins the show to talk about his book, Attending. The book describes mindfulness and medical practice, how doctors think and what matters most—safe, effective, patient-centered, compassionate care—from the foremost expert in the field.

Jon Else

Jon Else was Henry Hampton’s series producer and his book, True South focuses on the tumultuous eighteen months in 1985 and 1986 when Eyes on the Prize was finally created. The show told the story from the point of view of ordinary people inside the civil rights movement. Hampton shifted the focus from victimization to strength, from white saviors to black courage.


Larry Carter

Larry Carter has been president of the United Teachers of New Orleans since May 2008 and also serves as interim president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers. Previously, he was a member of the UTNO executive council as well as a union grievance specialist.  Carter speaks with callers about teachers' unions, being an educator and his opinions on the new Sec. of Education.