01/23 Monday: David Horowitz, Unprecedented, Lamar White & Darrell Glasper


David Horowitz

Horowitz's book, The Big Agenda is a guide to fighting the opponents of the conservative restoration. Horowitz identifies who the adversaries are as well as their methods, motivations, and agenda, including the particular issues with which they will try to advance their destructive goal—and he lays out a strategy to defeat all of it.

Thomas Lake

Packed with exclusive photojournalism and new revelations straight from the front lines, Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything chronicles the most hard-fought and newsworthy election of our time.


Lamar White and Darrell Glasper

Lamar White is a blogger, journalist and disability rights activist from Alexandria, LA.  Darrell Glasper is a former city councilman and brings along his friend, Lyn Williams. White, Glasper and Williams talk about the Trump campaign and what we can expect from Trump since his first few days in office.