01/10: Harriet Lerner, Crystal Wilkinson, Jared Yates Sexton, Pat Bergeron, Bill Bryan, Larry Pratt

Hour One

Harriet Lerner


Dr. Harriett Lerner is a psychologist and respected figure in the psychology of women. She is the author of 12 books and discussed her latest book titled, "Why Won't You Apologize?: Healing Big Betrayals and Everyday Hurts. 

Crystal Wilkinson



Crystal Wilkinson is an author and this year's winner of the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. She is the author of many books and discussed her latest book titled, The Birds of Opulence. She attended Eastern Kentucky University and graduated with a B.A. in journalism in 1985. 

Jared Yates Sexton

Jared Yates Sexton was born and raised in Southern Indiana; he is the author of many novels and works as a political correspondent and an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University. He discussed his OP-ED piece he wrote for The New York Times titled: Donald Trump's Toxic Masculinity. 

Hour Two

Bill Bryan and Pat Bergeron 

Bill Bryan is an attorney in Louisiana; Pat Bergeron has served professionally in all three levels of government and is a graduate of Baton Rouge High School and Louisiana State University. They stopped by to discuss their plan to create a new political party titled: The Louisiana Independent Party. 

Larry Pratt



Pratt is the executive director of Gun Owners of America and is a long-time gun rights activist. He took over the organization in 1976 just one year after the group's inception and a former member of the Virginia House of Delegates.