09/05 Monday: Tito Hernandez, FEMA, Greg Lafleur running for Mayor, Joyce Burges, James Moran on LSU vs. Wisconsin


Tito Hernandez

The federal coordinating officer for FEMA, Tito Hernandez joins the show to share recent news about housing and FEMA assistance.  FEMA is working with state and local officials to provide services to residents who have been affected by the recent floods.

Greg Lafleur

Greg Lafleur is a former American football tight end in the National Football League who previously played for LSU.  Lafleur was also the athletic director for Southern University.  Lafleur is now running for Mayor and joins the show to talk some football and his campaign.


Joyce Burges

Burges is a former councilwoman and previously ran for Mayor of Baker, La. An advocate for home-schooling, Burges joins the show to explain her plans to provide education services to children who have been affected by the flooding.

James Moran

Associate Editor of Tiger Rag Magazine, James Moran joins the show to discuss the future of LSU football and Les Miles after losing to Wisconsin Saturday, September 3.