02/Monday: Les Miles gets fired; Presidential Debates with Andre Moreau, Steve Schneider, Mike Rhodes, Skip Bertman


Andre Moreau

With the first Presidential debates kicking off tonight, Sept 26, former WAFB news anchor Andre Moreau joins the show to talk about the media's role in debates. 

Steve Schneider

Sports Director for WAFB 9 News Steve Schneider joins Andre Moreau to talk about Les Miles since he is no longer head coach at LSU.

Mike Rhodes


Mike Rhodes joins the discussion with Andre Moreau to talk about the firing of Les Miles and what to expect from LSU Football from now on.


Skip Bertman

Skip Bertman is a former coach and former LSU Athletic Director.  Bertman hired Les Miles back in 2005 and joins the show to talk to Leo the day after Miles has been fired.