09/01 Thursday: Jane Aslam, Patrick Mulhearn, Garret Graves, E. Eric Guirard

Hour 1:

Jane Aslam

Muslim activist and Director of Relief Services for the Islamic Circle of North America, Jane Aslam, joins Jim in studio to discuss how Muslims from around the country are in Louisiana to help flood victims after losing everything. Aslam converted from a southern Baptist to Islam while in college. 

Patrick Mulhearn

Executive Director of Celtic Media Centre Patrick Mulhearn chats with Jim in studio about his experience during the Great Flood of 2016 and the transformation of the movie studios into an evacuee shelter. 

Hour 2: 

Garret Graves

Congressman Garret Graves joins the conversation to talk about the impact the flooding had on southern Louisiana. Graves believes Louisiana needs a tailored recovery plan for this disaster because the damage was so extreme. He gives an update on the efforts to enhance the recovery from the flooding. 

E. Eric Guirard

Attorney E. Eric Guirard discusses the recent flooding with Jim. Guirard says he looks forward to helping people as an attorney during this time regarding flood zones and coverage of their homes. Guirard's home was one of thousands flooded during the massive rain event. 

Visit maps.lsuagcenter.com/floodmaps/ to see if you are located in the flood zone.