08/30 Tuesday: Sharon Weston Broome, Mark Davis, John Barry, Gus Weill

Hour 1:

Sharon Weston Broome

Sharon Weston Broome

Candidate for Baton Rouge Mayor and former state Senator Sharon Weston Broome joins Jim in studio to discuss the election and the historic flooding southern Louisiana recently faced. Broome's home, along with thousands of others, was flooded during the massive rain event. 

Mark Davis

Author and talk-show host Mark Davis chats with Jim about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick not standing during the National Anthem. Davis also comments on the upcoming presidential election. 

Hour 2: 

John Barry

Author John Barry chats with Jim about his book, Rising Tide, which discusses the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. Barry talks about the similarities of the recent historic flooding in southern Louisiana and the flood during the late 1920's. Rising Tide was named one of the 50 best books of all kinds by the New York Public Library in 2005. 

Gus Weill

Political Consultant Gus Weill chats with Jim about the sexting scandal of the husband of Hillary Clinton's long term aide, Huma Abedin. This is former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner's third sexting scandal. Weill also comments on the overall presidential election and the recent flooding in southern Louisiana.