08/16 Tuesday: Host Stephanie Riegel; LSU Pres. King Alexander, Warren Drake, Patrick Mulhearn and Jay Dardenne


F. King Alexander

LSU's President Alexander joins the show to talk about the status of the university since the flooding.  He explains that they are still looking to have move in day on Wednesday and continue with the semester.  Alexander also talks about how the flood has affected faculty and staff and he mentions TOPS.

Warren Drake

East Baton Rouge Superintendent of Schools Warren Drake assesses the damage done by flooding to schools in the community.  Drake estimates how many students  and faculty were displaced by the flood and what he and his team are doing to accommodate those students.


Patrick Mulhearn

Director of Studio Operations, Patrick Mulhearn tells the story of how the 150000 square feet of design-built stage space became home to many Baton Rouge inhabitants.

Jay Dardenne

The commissioner of Administration discusses FEMA and its involvement in the Baton Rouge flood.  Dardenne estimates how long it will take Baton Rouge to get back to normal and estimates who and how many were affected by the disaster.