07/08 Friday: Tyrus Thomas on BR Shootings, Dr. Lori Martin, Superintendent of State Police, Sharon Weston Broome, Phil Oakley


Tyrus Thomas

Former LSU and professional basketball player, Thomas is a resident of Baton Rouge and comments on the recent shootings in the Capitol city. Thomas plays a role in the community and will help lead a vigil tonight in North Baton Rouge at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center.

Dr. Lori Martin

Dr. Lori Martin is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at LSU and she gives her opinion on the relationship between the south and racism and police brutality.

Mike Edmonson

The superintendent joins the show to reassure civilians that police are doing everything in their power to keep everything peaceful in Baton Rouge.  He says that they are following up on all threats and encourage people to protest in peaceful manners.


Sharon Weston Broome

Broome is running for Mayor-President of Baton Rouge.  She talks about her candidacy, the recent shootings in the city and how it affects the community.

Phil Oakley



Author and former journalist Phil Oakley discusses the recent shootings in that occurred in Dallas, TX.