07/25 Monday: Violence in Workplace Seminar, Democratic Convention in Philly, Gus Weill , Ben Bagert on


Timothy Rodrigue

Director of Insurance Communications for BancorpSouth, Rodrigue joins the show to promote a seminar that targets violence in the workplace.  Responding to Workplace Violence Before, During and After, will be held at the Renaissance hotel in Baton Rouge on August 25.

Lamar White, Jr.

Writer and Owner of CenLamar.com joins the show from the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.  He explains what is expected to happen this week during the convention.


Gus Weill

Author and public relations specialist joins the show to discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Weill addresses the rumors of Russia hacking into Hillary's e-mails.

Ben Bagert

As a previous Senate candidate, Bagert joins the show and discusses David Duke's decision to run for Senate.  He also expands on Hillary Clinton and the email scandal.