06/08 Wednesday: Pulitzer-Winning columnist, Clarence Page; Cindy Hurst; Scott Wilfong & Lamar White Jr.


Clarence Page

Clarence Page is an American journalist, syndicated columnist, and senior member of The Chicago Tribune editorial board.  He joins Jim to talk about the 2016 Presidential Election and its nominees.  Page mentions the Trump University case and the death of Muhammad Ali.

Cindy Hurst

Filmmaker and owner/founder of the The Sankofa Project, LLC, a production agency that focuses on social movement and cultural self-awareness.  Cindy Hurst talks with Jim about her recent project, Black Maskulinity, and a personal story about the late Muhammad Ali.


Scott Wilfong

Scott Wilfong joins the show along with Lamar White Jr. of CenLamar to discuss opinions while analyzing the differences between the two nominees.

Lamar White Jr.

Lamar White Jr. of CenLamar joins Scott Wilfong 5 months before the election to analyze the differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump when it comes to the presidency.