06/24 Friday: Commissioner of Agriculture, Lester Duhe, Flashback Friday: Mark Emmert, Pres. Ronnie Anderson, Benefits of Coffee Drinking, Obama and Immigration


Mike Strain

Commissioner of Louisiana Department of Agriculture talks about the industry since he came into office.  Strain emphasizes the importance of the lifting of the Cuban embargo and the effects it has on agriculture and trade.

Lester Duhe

Political consultant Lester Duhe talks with Jim about politics in Louisiana and his predictions on who the people would prefer as president.

Flashback Friday: former Chancellor of LSU, Mark Emmert

The year was 2001 when Jim interviewed the former Chancellor about LSU football, taxes and funding for higher education.


Ronnie Anderson

Ronald "Ronnie" Anderson is serving his 23rd term as president of Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation. He joins Jim at the convention in New Orleans to discuss farming in Louisiana despite the flooding in the northern areas of the state earlier this year.

Dr. Geoffrey Kabat

Geoffrey Kabat, a cancer epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, was mentioned in an article in the New York Times that claims regularly drinking coffee could protect against at least two types of cancer. 

Mike Wolf

Attorney Mike Wolf addresses Congress and President Barack Obama's controversial executive actions on immigration and the affirmative action case dealing with a university in Texas.