06/14 Tuesday: Council for a Better Louisiana, Forum for Equality, ProCon.org, NENA


Barry Erwin

President and CEO of CABL, Erwin discusses budget cuts while the special session is being conducted.  Erwin elaborates on what he calls the "needs-based" system of TOPS and the budget as whole and its effects on the people.

Sarah Jane Brady

Exec. Dir. of Forum for Equality in New Orleans, Sarah Jane Brady joins Neal in discussing the Orlando shooting and the whole LGBT community especially here in Louisiana.


Kamy Akhavan

Akhavan is the Managing Editor of ProCon.org a nonprofit nonpartisan public charity that provides well-sourced pro, con, and related research on controversial issues.  Akhavan talks about the pros and cons of gun control in light of the shooting that occurred in Orlando.

Brian Fontes

The Voice of 9-1-1™, NENA is on the forefront of all emergency communications issues. CEO Brian Fontes talks about the phenomenon of texting 9-1-1 rather than calling and talking for safety reasons.